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Blog post…

To keep me writing and to provide something unique, I’m going to start posting extremely short posts in a category “Daily LOC”. There will be just one line of code that I’ve encountered during the day, nothing more, nothing less. We’ll see what happens.


During the weekend I finally took some time to understand couple of the most important OO design principles. Until now, I’ve been just remembering pieces of this knowledge, but now I decided to really go into it. What I’m hoping is that I can come up with like a single sheet checklist to use if you get stuck or unsure about your class design.

Like said, the first step was to go trough and write down different principles, values etc that I remembered seeing somewhere. Head First Design Patterns has some great and easy-to-digest stuff about many principles and then there are the classic texts by Robert Martin. I also spent some time in wikis: Wikipedia has information of varying quality in it, but the original wiki was a true treasure chest.

I managed to collect a whole lot of notes… hopefully one day I can clean that stuff up. The big AHA moment came while I saw the Robert C. Martin principles called as SOLID: SRP, OCP, LSP, ISP, DIP. Finally I think I’ve nailed at least those five!

Which story format do you prefer:

  1. As a developer, I need to write blog posts, so that I can collect my thoughts.
  2. In order to collect thoughts, a developer needs to write blog posts.
  3. Developer: In order to collect thoughts, I need to write blog posts.