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How many times have you clicked through an installation dialog like a zombie, not really reading any stage but just going “next”. “next”? I admit doing that, but it gets worse: even web apps start to work a bit like that for me: testing a new app I’ve found myself quite a few times “assuming” what a button does etc.

Now, this carelessness lead to a funny (and gotta admit a it embarassing) incident yesterday. I logged into my Linked In account first time in x months and started to play with it (UI had changed quite a lot since I saw it the last time). I tested the “import contacts” feature and knowingly gave my gmail password (scary things they have nowadays) to import contacts. This imported quite a few mail addresses, including lot of expired ones, mailing list addresses, you name it. And by default each one selected, ready to be invited to linked in. Now I started to scan for a button which would “invert the selection”, and saw one saying “Invert selected contacts”, perfect! I clicked before and basically at the same time realized that it said “INVITE”, not “INVERT”. I was too late with the esc key…

So, as a result I managed to create some confusion on some mailing lists and probably there are some other people wondering as well about who I might be :)

If you were my victim, sorry about that,

Edit: A quick search tells me I’m not the only one that has done similar mistake:”Invitation+to+connect+to+linked+in”


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